A Journey of a Thousand Miles....

I certainly embrace the Chinese proverb: A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step – and I was off to a running start with my debut novel Dare to Inherit – the book that award-winning novelist Joan Hall Hovey said she just couldn’t put down. Yes, it’s all about the journey – however you cover the required distance in life, and that adventure continues with my popular new novel: Gold Digger Among Us. My short stories have won international gold, my greeting cards have gone to reprints – but to me, best of all are the readers who enjoy what I write. My world is a fascinating collage of relentlessly demanding story characters and I cannot imagine anything more interesting than finding the words to give them life.


One unexpected phone call and Kane Davidson’s past is laid before him in agonizing detail of life or death. There is no question as to what his decision will be, and Jessica is by his side as he prepares to undergo major surgery. While Kane is in the operating room, a frantic call comes about his beloved mother and time is of the essence, although Kane cannot be told about her condition until he is stronger. Doctor’s orders. When he has recovered enough to be told the truth, will it be too late?

Martin and Lindy Parker are also edge of seat when their sixteen year-old son, Jason, finds first love with the precocious Keely Taylor, with explosive results. Will they find him in time?

Spring blossoms into a glorious summer; Savero Gold is still king of Emerald Valley as the ranch realizes even greater success, but for Kane, something is now missing. Incomplete.

Sometimes the truth can set you free, and sometimes it must go to a quiet place … and wait.


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