A Journey of a Thousand Miles....

I certainly embrace the Chinese proverb: A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step – and I was off to a running start with my debut novel Dare to Inherit – the book that award-winning novelist Joan Hall Hovey said she just couldn’t put down. Yes, it’s all about the journey – however you cover the required distance in life, and that adventure continues with my popular new novel: Gold Digger Among Us. My short stories have won international gold, my greeting cards have gone to reprints – but to me, best of all are the readers who enjoy what I write. My world is a fascinating collage of relentlessly demanding story characters and I cannot imagine anything more interesting than finding the words to give them life.




With a seven million-dollar stallion on the line, Kane Davidson must comply with an upsetting ultimatum – or lose Savero Gold. The much-celebrated foundation stud at the Emerald Valley Quarter Horse Ranch, Savero Gold is vital to its ongoing success. Jessica Templeton knows nothing about ranches – or horses - but the stallion is hers to keep unless Kane agrees. Fireworks erupt when Kane and Jessica square off about the ownership of Savero Gold, but eventually there are sparks of another kind, plenty of them, when they finally find common ground between them. Then disaster strikes at the ranch, lives hang in the balance and prayers are fervently prayed as the unexpected nightmare continues to unfold. Kane and Jessica are star-crossed travellers in this suspenseful journey of courage, perseverance and destiny. When Fate Comes Calling is also a story of greed and grave danger, and at the heart of it all is the magnificent stallion, Savero Gold.


GOLD DIGGER AMONG US is available to download or in print from most online bookstores. You can also order from your local book store.



DARE TO INHERIT  is available to download or in print from most online bookstores .  You can also order from your local bookstore.   






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